Stem cells, the 'building blocks' for every type of cell in the body, have tremendous potential to improve human health.

Top images diseased liver cells, bottom images healthy liver cells

Artificial liver cells win their creator prize for their potential to reduce animal experiments

28 Feb 2012

Cambridge research that created liver cells from stem cells has today been recognised with a national prize by the National Centre for the...

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brain cells from skin cells

Under the Microscope #12 - Brain cells from skin cells

28 Feb 2012

This is a beautiful image of human brain cells, which can now be grown from adult skin cells.

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human neural stem cells

Pluripotent stem cells: medical dream or ethical nightmare?

20 Feb 2012

Dr. Paul Fairchild, University of Oxford, to give a public seminar tomorrow, 21 February, discussing this topical issue.

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amyloid plaques

Down’s syndrome stem cells used to model Alzheimer’s

16 Feb 2012

Innovative way to study Alzheimer's disease developed by Cambridge scientists.

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A mouse embryo in which the outer membranes of all cells are glowing red.  A subset of cells are expressing a green glowing protein that identifies them as cells that will signal head development.

Critical stage of embryonic development now observable

14 Feb 2012

Scientists now able to view critical aspects of mammalian embryonic development using new technique.

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smooth muscle cells

Smooth muscle cells created from patients’ skin cells

16 Jan 2012

Scientists have created cells which make up the walls of blood vessels; research could lead to new treatments and better screening for cardiovascular...

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Myelinated nerve fibres.

Hopes for reversing age-associated effects in MS patients

06 Jan 2012

Proof of principle study suggests the age-associated decline of the remyelination process is reversible.

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Rosettes of human, patient-specific neural stem cells

Cambridge stem cells united

21 Oct 2011

Cohesion, collaboration and clinical impact are the watchwords of a new phase of stem cell research in Cambridge.

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Replacement of a faulty gene by gene therapy

Clean correction of a patient’s genetic mutation

13 Oct 2011

New gene therapy methods accurately correct mutation in patient’s stem cells, bringing personalized cell therapies one step closer.

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Partial view of haploid chromosome set

Scientists create mammalian cells with single chromosome set

13 Sep 2011

Researchers have created mammalian cells containing a single set of chromosomes instead of two.

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Human embryonic stem cell colonies

Patenting ethics in stem cell research

28 Apr 2011

Scientists say ‘No’ to a ban on stem cell patents recommended by the European Court of Justice.

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Intestinal cells

Stem cell casino

18 Mar 2011

A shake of the dice and a nod from the neighbour – new facets of stem cell biology uncovered when methods in theoretical physics were used to solve a...

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