Immigration and migration, and the issues that surround them, have become symbolic of the 21st century.

Alexander the Great

Weaving a web of world history

01 September 2008

For five researchers embarking on the project ‘Civilizations in Contact’, finding the links between each of their specialist fields will provide...

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River Dicle from Hasankeyf

Endangered dialects of Aramaic

01 September 2008

Current estimates suggest that a language dies every two weeks. Here, Geoffrey Khan describes the documentation of a group of dialects before they...

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Odessa placard celebrating diversity

Cosmopolitan cities of Eurasia

01 May 2008

Research on the changing face of Eurasian cities - formerly famous for cosmopolitanism and now crossroads of migration - hopes to provide an...

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Research suggests single African origin of humans

19 July 2007 New research at the University of Cambridge claims to have compelling new evidence that humans stem from the same single point of origin. Read more
Tour Hassan, Rabat, Morocco

The palatial language of power

01 April 2007

By sifting through medieval Arabic chronicles from Islamic Spain and Morocco, a picture emerges of how the evocative, but frequently abandoned,...

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Leverhulme Centre

UK-Indian research collaborations awarded funding

24 January 2007

Four collaborative research projects at the University of Cambridge have been awarded funding in the first round of awards from the UK-India...

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