Immigration and migration, and the issues that surround them, have become symbolic of the 21st century.

“Without paperwork I am nothing. I do not appear to exist”

11 Mar 2014

Researchers from the Institute of Criminology reveal that many women trafficked into the UK who commit crime under duress are imprisoned without...

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Cities of dreams... and death

28 Feb 2014

The fate of migrants moving to cities in 17th- and 18th-century England demonstrates how a single pathogen could dramatically alter the risks...

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Home from home: minor moves make major differences

26 Feb 2014

Most of the moves we make are within 5 km of our previous addresses, yet these short migrations are highly significant within individual lives. New...

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Citizens of the flow

24 Feb 2014

New research from the Department of Sociology is looking at how rhetoric and policy shape immigrant identities, attitudes and behaviour in Europe.

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Soul seller: the man who moved people

20 Feb 2014

People trafficking is a billion-dollar business with a history that spans centuries. A new study identifies the beginnings of the modern trafficker...

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‘Intelligent Trust’, ethno-religious relations and the rise of the food bank

14 Feb 2014

Shana Cohen and Ed Kessler discuss how individuals of different ethno-religious backgrounds in Europe can learn to trust each other, and how...

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Migrant children: the litmus test of our education system

14 Feb 2014

We live in a multilingual society. More than a million children attending British schools speak more than 360 languages between them in addition to...

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Out of Asia: ancient genome lays to rest origins of Americas’ first humans

12 Feb 2014

The genome of a child who died some 12,600 years ago in Montana – the oldest known human remains from North America – has been sequenced for the...

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Foreign policy, home truths

11 Feb 2014

Newly published research investigates the contrasting approaches taken by European states to the multiculturalism that results from increased...

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Migration: Britain’s hospitable past

10 Feb 2014

In the midst of current controversies over immigration law and policy, Professor Alison Bashford discusses why it's important to recall Britain’s...

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Unsafe havens? Health risks for refugees

05 Feb 2014

A new study is looking at a century of mass migrations worldwide to understand the public health consequences when people are forced to flee from war...

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Understanding the “new migration age”

03 Feb 2014

Today, we commence a month-long focus on research on migration. To begin, Professor Madeleine Arnot and Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe, Co-Convenors of...

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