The importance of language is hard to overestimate, yet few of us are aware of the sheer breadth and diversity of language research.

Trabzon area of Turkey

Against all odds: archaic Greek in a modern world

01 July 2010

An endangered Greek dialect spoken in Turkey has been identified by Dr Ioanna Sitaridou as a "linguistic goldmine" because of its closeness to a...

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Frontispace of Vaugelas's Remarques sur la langue française (1647)

Le bon usage: using French correctly

01 January 2010

The purity and linguistic correctness of the French language has been closely guarded by the French for centuries. Professor Wendy Ayres-Bennett...

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The educational neuroscience of dyslexia and dyscalculia

01 January 2010

For some children, acquiring the important skills of learning to read or do arithmetic is fraught with difficulty. Educational neuroscience is...

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Recitation of oral texts

Voices of vanishing worlds

28 September 2009

A new project is recording and making accessible the endangered oral literatures of indigenous peoples before they are lost forever.

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Ancient Greek writing

Greek Grammar to fill the gap

27 May 2009

A new Grammar will be the first comprehensive description of the medieval and early modern Greek language.

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Magnetic resonance image of the mouth, ear and brain

Asking ‘are you awake?’ with brain imaging

08 February 2008

Even though we might be able to hear someone speaking, our powers for understanding what is actually being said switch off as we go to sleep.

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Can a voice identify a criminal?

01 September 2007

Innovative research in the Department of Linguistics suggests that dynamic features of speech could provide a clue to forensic speaker...

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