Over half the world’s population lives in urban areas. The quality of life in future cities depends on the innovations we put in place today.

London street photo.

Look familiar?

04 April 2012

Introducing the online game for Londoners which researchers hope will one day influence the shape of the nation’s capital.

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Using real-time road traffic data to evaluate congestion

26 January 2012

A new project has shown that by using existing sources of information about traffic flow it is possible to create a minute-by-minute image of...

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The Square Mile by night

Who owns the City?

22 November 2011

Foreign investors now own the majority of City of London offices, according to a new study from the Department of Land Economy.

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Separation barrier in Jerusalem

Capturing urban conflict: beyond the newsreel

19 October 2011

A new exhibition unveils the work of a unique study into some of the most bitterly divided cities in the world, such as Jerusalem and Belfast,...

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Odessa placard celebrating diversity

Cosmopolitan cities of Eurasia

01 May 2008

Research on the changing face of Eurasian cities - formerly famous for cosmopolitanism and now crossroads of migration - hopes to provide an...

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drawing CAD

Designing sustainable cities of the future

01 May 2008

As more people become city-dwellers, can we design cities to be more sustainable?

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Barrier from Isawiyya village into Jerusalem

Conflict in cities

01 September 2007

Conflict is inherent to the urban condition, yet only in some cities do contention and dissent erupt to unacceptable and destructive levels. How...

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