Understanding the implications of enabling children to grow into healthy, happy, educated and inquiring adults, in safety and free from adversity.

Children's books

Children’s literature an escape from the adult world

24 September 2011

A University of Cambridge academic is to suggest that grown-ups enjoy children’s classics because they are dissatisfied with life in the adult...

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Maria Nikolajeva.

Fantastic Mr. Dahl

07 September 2011

To mark Roald Dahl Day on September 13th and the 50th anniversary of James And The Giant Peach, Professor Maria Nikolajeva explains why he remains...

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Festival of Ideas 2011

Whistleblowers, zombies… and how to stay out of prison

13 July 2011

Freedom, revolution and communication have shaped human history since the earliest days of mankind.

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New ways to reduce bullying and youth violence

05 July 2011

Many children and adolescents suffer physically and mentally from being bullied or physically attacked and threatened by their peers. A conference...

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The Old Bailey

Angels and Demons

02 June 2011

No country's legal system is made with children in mind, but that has not stopped large numbers of children from becoming involved with it. Last...

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Children Walking on Trail

Sibling rivalry and brotherly love

08 April 2011

Siblings, and even sibling rivalry, can have a positive effect on children’s early development and their ability to form social relationships...

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MRI brain scan highlights the insula, one of the areas of the brain that is reduced in volume in subjects with Conduct Disorder.

Scans reveal differences in brain structure of antisocial teens

01 April 2011

Brain scans of teenage boys with severe antisocial behaviour have revealed differences in the structure of the developing brain.

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Justice sends mixed messages

Children’s evidence cross-examined

16 March 2011

Should young children be exposed to the traumatic experience of giving evidence in open court, or does the justice system need to change its...

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I love peas

Happy children make happy adults

14 March 2011

New research links well-being in adolescence with life satisfaction in adulthood.

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