Life on Earth is at risk from an unprecedented rate of environmental change that threatens the natural resources on which we depend.

Species ‘hotspots’ created by immigrant influx or evolutionary speed depending on climate

06 February 2019

New research reveals that biodiversity ‘hotspots’ in the tropics produced new species at faster rates over the last 25 million years, but those in...

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The Lost Words: inspiring children to find, love and protect nature

30 November 2018

The Lost Words is a book by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris that summons the magic of nature to help children find, love and protect...

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Restoring Europe’s endangered landscapes for life

09 October 2018

Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) last week unveiled a programme to restore priority landscapes across Europe. The Endangered Landscapes...

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‘High-yield’ farming costs the environment less than previously thought – and could help spare habitats

14 September 2018

New findings suggest that more intensive agriculture might be the “least bad” option for feeding the world while saving its species – provided use...

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Illuminating the hidden kingdom of the truffle

12 February 2018

Truffles are one of the world’s most expensive ingredients, and also one of the most mysterious. Now, with the help of a 170-year-old ‘living...

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Think of honeybees as ‘livestock’ not wildlife, argue experts

25 January 2018

Contrary to public perception, die-offs in honeybee colonies are an agricultural not a conservation issue, argue Cambridge researchers, who say...

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Political instability and weak governance lead to loss of species, study finds

20 December 2017

Big data study of global biodiversity shows ineffective national governance is a better indicator of species decline than any other measure of “...

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Conservationists’ eco-footprints suggest education alone won’t change behaviour

10 October 2017

A new study shows that even those presumably best informed on the environment find it hard to consistently “walk the walk”, prompting scientists...

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World's botanic gardens contain a third of all known plant species, and help protect the most threatened

25 September 2017

The most in-depth species survey to date finds an “astonishing array” of plant diversity in the global botanic garden network, including 41% of...

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