Cambridge researchers have long worked with African colleagues on issues that matter not just to the continent but to the world.

Innovative stadium will be the home of cricket in East Africa

27 October 2017

Cambridge architectural engineer is part of the team that has built Rwanda’s first international stadium

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'Last mile’ fingerprints

20 September 2017

Cambridge start-up Simprints, awarded $2.45 million in new grant money, targets the developing world with fingerprinting technology to help...

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Target ‘best connected neighbours’ to stop spread of infection in developing countries

24 July 2017

An innovative new study takes a network theory approach to targeted treatment in rural Africa, and finds that a simple algorithm may be more...

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Global teamwork brings low-cost test for Weil's disease a step closer

10 July 2017

An on-the-spot, low-cost diagnostic test for leptospirosis (Weil's disease), a bacterial infection recognised as a neglected disease by the World...

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The Longing of Belonging: African photography on show at MAA

13 June 2017

A photography exhibition capturing the black South African Zionist community – the most popular religious denomination in the country – opens at...

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Opinion: How ‘frugal innovation’ can fight off inequality

19 April 2017

With inequalities set to get worse, it’s time to take radical action, says Jaideep Prabhu, Director of Centre for India & Global Business,...

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African plant scientists develop new skills in Cambridge to tackle problems at home

05 April 2017

Lab training workshop and biotech conference, organised by second year Ph.D. student and Gates Scholar, aim to build African research capacity in...

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Opinion: Aid workers get a bad rap – but too often they’re thrown in at the deep end

21 March 2017

The media are quick to criticise humanitarian organisations as inefficient and expensive, writes Corinna Frey (Cambridge Judge Business School),...

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Opinion: The ICC can’t live with Africa, but it can’t live without it either

15 March 2017

The International Criminal Court’s focus on African states has led to pushback from the continent, yet intervening anywhere else looks...

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