Predators might not be dazzled by stripes

12 Aug 2015

New research using computer games suggests that stripes might not offer the ‘motion dazzle’ protection thought to have evolved in animals such as Zebra and consequently inspired ship camouflage during both World Wars.    

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Stressed young birds stop learning from their parents and turn to wider flock

23 Jul 2015

Juvenile zebra finches that experience high stress levels will ignore how their own parents forage and instead learn such skills from other, unrelated adults. This may help young birds avoid inheriting a poor skillset from parents – the likely natural cause of their stress – and becoming trapped by a “bad start in life”.

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Top: quagga mussel hitching a ride on a zebra mussel. Bottom: killer shrimp

Britain on brink of freshwater species ‘invasion’ from south east Europe

13 Oct 2014

New research shows multiple invasive species with the same origin facilitate each other’s ability to colonise ecosystems. By studying how these species interact as well as current population locations, researchers believe that Britain is heading for an ‘invasion meltdown’ of freshwater species from south east Europe.

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The wonders of the animal kingdom: a new Museum of Zoology

20 Mar 2014

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has awarded a grant of £1.8 million to the University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge. This funding will support ambitious plans to completely redevelop the Museum of Zoology with displays showcasing the wonders of the animal kingdom, and new stores to preserve its outstanding collections for the future.

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