The view from the top of the stands of Lee Valley VeloPark, London.

Sports calibrated

06 Feb 2015

New methods of gathering quantitative data from video – whether shot on a mobile phone or an ultra-high definition camera – may change the way that sport is experienced, for athletes and fans alike.

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Twilight literature

Researchers get serious about kids’ stuff

03 Feb 2010

A new centre for the study of children's literature, which will analyse material ranging from classics such as Alice In Wonderland to Disney films and video games, is opening at Cambridge University.

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The Bird Tango: Cambridge academic fuses love of birds and dance

09 Sep 2009

Nicola Clayton, Professor of Comparative Cognition, has collaborated with the world-famous Rambert Dance Company to produce a contemporary dance based on the works of Charles Darwin. In the video highlighted below, she discusses the scientific inspirations behind the contemporary ballet piece, The Comedy of Change.

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