SOCCs appeal: online learning versus the classroom

13 Aug 2013

MOOCs – or massive open online courses – have been touted a cure for the education sector’s ills by some, but merely the latest symptom of it by others. ICE’s Jenny Bavidge discusses the challenges of online teaching and her experience of ICE’s SOCCs (small online closed courses).

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2013 Pilkington Prizes

21 Jun 2013

Thirteen inspirational academics have been honoured for the outstanding quality and approach to their teaching.

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Science Festival at Chemistry Dept

Out-of-the-box learning

21 Jun 2012

A new book documents how staff at a primary school built on a previous study by Cambridge researchers to create an inclusive learning environment - driven by a shared belief in teachers’ power to enhance every child’s capacity to learn.

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Poets of the Caribbean

05 Oct 2011

A new initiative which aims to give English teachers the confidence and skills to use more Caribbean poetry in lessons has been launched by an international team of academics, educationalists and poets.

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