Ben Ezra Synagogue

Treasures of the genizah

01 Sep 2009

How did an Egyptian storeroom come to hold a thousand years worth of manuscript fragments and why are they one of the greatest literary treasures ever found?

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Winsor and Newton catalogue with painted samples

Gems of colour: pigments of the ‘Colourmen’

08 Feb 2008

Dragon’s Blood, Purple of Cassius and Scarlet Lake – all pigments concocted by the 19th-century 'Colourmen' of Winsor & Newton artists’ suppliers. Now, a painstaking and methodical analysis of their hand-written recipe books has been developed into a searchable database.

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Defining words

01 Sep 2007

Two very different projects in the University have at their heart the ancient craft of lexicography: the art of compiling and editing dictionaries. But one project is reviving glossaries created over a thousand years ago and the other is creating a new lexicon of an ancient language.

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Duke of Buckingham’s Letter to the University of Cambridge, 1626

Opening the treasure chest

01 Oct 2006

Cambridge is leading the way in Resource Enhancement projects in the UK, opening up its unique and valuable collections to scholars worldwide, as well as the wider public. There is a huge amount of activity in this area across a number of projects and disciplines, from digitising records of everyday life in medieval Britain to transcribing audio cassettes of oral history from south Asia.

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