Cities and how we live in them

19 Feb 2013

More and more of us live in cities where disparate communities jostle for space. Eminent sociologist Richard Sennett will give a public lecture on The Open City in Cambridge on Thursday 21 February.

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7 billion people

How we live now

15 Oct 2012

This term eminent thinkers from a broad range of fields will be contributing to a series of lectures with the theme Understanding Society. Taking place on every Tuesday from tomorrow (16 October), the talks will be held in the Lady Mitchell Hall and are open to the public.

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Women and children flee South Sudan

The war on terror is a war on women

08 Oct 2012

In a lecture this Thursday (11 October), Professor Akbar Ahmed will draw attention to the plight of women in countries caught up in the war on terror. He will argue that in failing to support them, we are in danger of creating a new generation of terrorists.

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Pouring red wine into a glass

Wined and defined

28 May 2012

At a lecture tomorrow, Professor Steven Shapin will decant some of the terminology of wine-tasting and look at the ways in which our relationship with wine reflects the way we live and how this has shifted over time. The talk at CRASSH is free and open to all.

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Clockwise from top left: members of NUWW in 1930, Mrs Vinter, Mrs Cochrane, Leah Manning, Clara Rackham, Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Strachey, Miss Cattley, Mrs Keynes

What Cambridge women did for us

02 May 2012

A series of events at Cambridge’s Folk Museum this summer will draw attention to the struggle for equality for women in education and at work. Among the speakers are Cambridge academics Dr Lucy Delap, Dr Phil Howell and Dr Deborah Thom.

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