Getting schooled in the ‘noise’: learning about learning using big data

30 Sep 2013

Brits notoriously love bureaucracy, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that the UK is a world leader in administrative data. With the digital era heralding a data revolution unlike anything in human history, education researchers such as Anna Vignoles are in a unique position to take advantage of this country’s data deluge.

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School starting age: the evidence

24 Sep 2013

Earlier this month the "Too Much, Too Soon" campaign made headlines with a letter calling for a change to the start age for formal learning in schools. Here, one of the signatories, Cambridge researcher David Whitebread, from the Faculty of Education, explains why children may need more time to develop before their formal education begins in earnest.

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Photo-voice image from the AskAIDS project

Breaking sex education taboos in Africa to tackle AIDS

19 Jun 2012

New research focusing on educating young people about sex and HIV/AIDS in Africa is using innovative techniques – such as ‘photo-voice’ and role-play – to discover what African children know about sex and where they learn it from.

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Poets of the Caribbean

05 Oct 2011

A new initiative which aims to give English teachers the confidence and skills to use more Caribbean poetry in lessons has been launched by an international team of academics, educationalists and poets.

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Safinatun Najah School - In the class

Classroom lessons in Islamic reform

08 Apr 2011

A Cambridge conference is set to reveal how Islamic faith schools, and other educational institutions, are adapting to far more than political pressure under the intense international scrutiny of the post-9/11 era.

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