Safinatun Najah School - In the class

Classroom lessons in Islamic reform

08 Apr 2011

A Cambridge conference is set to reveal how Islamic faith schools, and other educational institutions, are adapting to far more than political pressure under the intense international scrutiny of the post-9/11 era.

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Scriptural reasoning.

All in the script

05 Apr 2011

The power of “scriptural reasoning” to transform the way in which different faiths understand one another is to be the subject of a major lecture in Rome, by Cambridge’s Regius Professor of Divinity.

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El Eternauta, Argentina

New perspectives on Latin America

17 Mar 2011

At the Centre of Latin American Studies, interdisciplinary research is offering a new perspective on the creativity, challenges and lessons that can be learned from Latin America.

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South Asian studies in the age of globalisation

17 Mar 2011

The Centre of South Asian Studies fosters a vibrant University-wide research community whose interests span the societies of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

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King James Bible title page

A masterpiece of biblical proportions

01 Feb 2011

Home to more than seven million books, Cambridge University Library is to celebrate the most influential, most bought, most read and most widely disseminated English language book of them all – the King James Bible.

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Free TV Texture

Watching religiously

20 May 2010

A new survey of the boom in religious broadcasting in the Middle East reveals how the small screen is becoming an increasingly important battlefield in the struggle for people's hearts and minds.

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Sun on Cross

Healing rifts in a broad Church

05 Dec 2008

A new guide which shows Christian leaders how to work through their differences without becoming embroiled in long-term disputes has been released.

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