Cambridge University Botanic Garden Festival of Plants

10 May 2016

Cambridge University Botanic Garden is holding its annual Festival of Plants on Saturday 14 May 2016, offering something for everyone to enjoy: from families to photographers, gardeners to budding plant scientists or anyone looking for an interesting day out in beautiful surroundings.

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Deforestation starves fish

11 Jun 2014

Research shows forest debris that drains into lakes is an important contributor to freshwater food chains – bolstering fish diets to the extent that increased forest cover causes fish to get ‘fat’ and sparse forest leaves smaller, underfed fish.

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OpenPlant - major boost for synthetic biology

30 Jan 2014

Inspired by the way open source data has stimulated innovation in computing, a new UK centre will create a climate of openness in synthetic biology, helping young researchers and entrepreneurs develop and share new tools and libraries of plant DNA.

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Nurturing science’s next generation

20 Mar 2013

Twelve years after his death, the legacy of distinguished organic chemist Dr Herchel Smith is enabling a new generation of bright young researchers to pursue their scientific ambitions.

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Botanic Garden names new Director

09 Jan 2013

Dr Beverley Glover has been named as the new Director of Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Dr Glover will take up the post, and the associated Professorship of Plant Systematics and Evolution to which she has been elected, in July 2013.

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