Kodak Color Film.

The rise and fall of Kodak's moment

14 Mar 2012

On a shelf in his office in Cambridge Judge Business School, Dr Kamal Munir keeps a Kodak Brownie 127. Manufactured in the 1950s, the small Bakelite camera is a powerful reminder of the rise and fall of a global brand – and of lessons other businesses would do well to learn.

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Casey Brienza

Men of wonder: gender and American superhero comics

01 Nov 2011

Boys and action comics go together like Batman and Robin – but how are girls represented in comics? Sociologist, Casey Brienza, investigates the male world of the action comic and looks at the depictions of female characters.

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Does Prison Work?

Security 'obsession' hampering prison debate

26 Oct 2011

Public and government obsession with security is hampering a rational, open debate about prison policy, the former governor of Brixton Prison told a debate at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas last week.

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Digital news.

Media models for the digital age

06 Sep 2011

The headlines don’t look too good for newspapers. With falling readership and growing competition from the Internet, newspapers are questioning how and whether they can survive in the digital age. What they need to find is a successful business model for the future. Gates scholar Andrew Gruen is investigating just what that might look like for a new media start-up.

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Image from the Books and Babies exhibition at Cambridge University Library

Let's talk about sex!

07 Jul 2011

The history of human reproduction – via its communication through the ages – is examined in a ground-breaking exhibition opening this week at Cambridge University Library.

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A screengrab of Barack Obama's typical Facebook fan from LikeAudience.

With friends like these…

22 Apr 2011

Cambridge researchers have created a website that combines the Facebook profiles of fans of companies and public figures with personality testing to create what they are describing as a “revolutionary” new marketing tool.

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childs eye

Too much, too young?

04 Jun 2010

Society risks losing touch with reality in the debate about whether children are being exposed to adult, sexual content too young, because other agendas are creeping in "under the radar", a new analysis warns.

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