Strings that surprise: how a theory scaled up

04 Mar 2014

In August 1984 two physicists arrived at a formula that transformed our understanding of string theory, an achievement now recognised by a major award. Professor Michael Green of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics explains how string theory has taken unexpected directions. 

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Maths in the community

21 Sep 2012

The STIMULUS programme which sends University students out into local schools to support maths, science, technology and ICT teachers is celebrating 25 years.

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Alan Turing aged 16

Marking the centenary of Turing's birth

23 Jun 2012

Saturday 23 June marks the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing - mathematical genius, hero of the WWII code breakers of Bletchley Park, and father of modern computing. To celebrate, a short film has been produced by the University. A blue plaque has been unveiled on the front of King’s College - where Turing was both a student and then a fellow.

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Usain Bolt

How Usain Bolt can run faster – effortlessly

04 Apr 2012

Usain Bolt can achieve faster running times with no extra effort on his part or improvement to his fitness, according to a new study by Professor John Barrow, Director of the Millennium Maths Project at the University of Cambridge.

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