Jewish ghetto area in Rome

Memory remains

09 Nov 2012

As the birthplace of Fascism – and both ally and victim of Nazi Germany – Italy presents a particularly complex case study of how countries came to terms with the catastrophic events of the Holocaust after the war. Robert Gordon’s new book charts the cultural fault lines that emerged as it slowly learned to acknowledge its part in the tragedy.

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The Uffington white horse marks an area of open grassland that has been subject to common rights of pasture for over 3,000 years

Common people

10 Jul 2012

It’s not a nice cup of tea, an insistence on orderly queuing, or even losing bravely. Cambridge archaeologist Dr Susan Oosthuizen will argue at a conference this Thursday that the essence of Britishness is embedded in the sharing of common land between early communities.

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Yasumasa Morimura

Looking the part

05 Mar 2012

Throughout history, clothes have been a powerful part of our identity. Taking place this Friday, a symposium called Appearances of Gender – open to all and free of charge – will bring together some of the country’s leading commentators on dress for a debate about fashion and faith, culture and gender.

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