Melioidosis can be acquired through contaminated soil

Melioidosis: exposing the ‘Great Mimicker’

01 May 2012

Each year melioidosis – a soil-borne disease dubbed the ‘Great Mimicker’ because of its frequent misdiagnosis – kills as many people in some regions of Southeast Asia as does tuberculosis. Now researchers are compiling the first public health guidelines to reduce the incidence of this disease.

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Molecular sacs of debris (pink) are delivered to the lysosome (dark red)

Autophagy: when ‘self-eating’ is good for you

03 Apr 2012

New discoveries by Cambridge scientists about a molecular waste-disposal process that ‘eats’ bacteria are influencing the clinical management of cystic fibrosis, and could be the basis of innovative new treatments to fight off bacteria.

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Stopping superbugs in their tracks

01 Nov 2010

Work in resource-restricted healthcare settings in south-east Asia is defining the transmission of hospital ‘superbugs’ using low-tech diagnostics and high-tech tools.

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Chars dwellers building plinths as part of the cash-for-work scheme

Out of poverty

01 Nov 2010

Cambridge researchers are contributing to projects in Bangladesh that aim to lift 1 million people out of poverty by 2015.

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