Soul seller: the man who moved people

20 Feb 2014

People trafficking is a billion-dollar business with a history that spans centuries. A new study identifies the beginnings of the modern trafficker – the men and women who “sold souls” in 17th- and 18th-century Germany.

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Sleepwalking into the Euro nightmare

09 Nov 2013

Eurozone countries are still careering towards a financial and social ‘nightmare’ of their own making according to a leading academic speaking at Cambridge University on November 11.

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The first book of fashion

01 May 2013

Fashion conveys complex messages. The recreation of an outfit taken from one of an extraordinary series of Renaissance portraits reveals how one man made his mark on society. 

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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, one of the leading figures in the German Idealist movement.

The Impact of Idealism

06 Sep 2012

German Idealism changed the world and influenced politics, science, art and numerous other fields. The ways in which it shaped the modern world have been the subject of a three-year research project, which reaches its conclusion in Cambridge this week.

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Can Hollande live up to expectations?

18 May 2012

As Francois Hollande takes up his seat as President of France, will he be able to live up to the huge expectations of those who voted for him or will his reputation for indecision be his undoing, asks Robert Tombs.

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