Artist in focus: Christopher Wood

09 Jul 2013

This summer, Kettle’s Yard reveals a unique collection of work by English artist Christopher Wood, for the third in its series of Artist in Focus exhibitions.

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Jean Paul Sartre on the beach

Locked in combat: two French thinkers slog it out

31 May 2012

“Hell is other people,” wrote Jean-Paul Sartre. His rival on the stage of occupied and post-war Paris was Albert Camus (“I am the world”). The two fell out but remained entangled. A book by Cambridge academic Andy Martin – The Boxer and the Goalkeeper – is an excursion into the worlds of the Frenchmen synonymous with existentialism and absurdism.

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Can Hollande live up to expectations?

18 May 2012

As Francois Hollande takes up his seat as President of France, will he be able to live up to the huge expectations of those who voted for him or will his reputation for indecision be his undoing, asks Robert Tombs.

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Coalport China Museum - former Coalport Chinaworks - by the River Severn

Reassessing the industrial revolution

21 Sep 2010

It was the dawn of an age of prosperity and transformed Britain into an economic superpower but our rose-tinted view of the industrial revolution masks another side of its legacy, a new history suggests.

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