Graphene: Taking the wonder-stuff from dream to reality

24 Jan 2013

A centre for research on graphene, a material which has the potential to revolutionise numerous industries, ranging from healthcare to electronics, is to be created at the University of Cambridge. The University has been a hub for graphene engineering from the very start and now aims to make this “wonder material” work in real-life applications.

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Hurricane Katrina makes landfall in the US. Speaking this week in Cambridge, engineer Tom O’Rourke will describe such disasters as game-changers for those wishing to protect people from similar, future events.

Natural disasters, infrastructure and the “new normal”

15 Jan 2013

The Japanese and Canterbury earthquakes, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and a host of other modern natural disasters have changed the game for those striving to protect our infrastructure from extreme events. The inaugural lecture at a Cambridge Centre dedicated to this cause will hear how.

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Plastic electronics

The next generation of plastic electronics

15 Jan 2013

A new generation of cheap lightweight plastic electronic technology that does not require silicon, but which is optically transparent and can be coated onto everyday objects, would transform our world.

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Smarter infrastructure

10 Jan 2013

A team from the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction has developed a mechanical amplifier which converts ambient vibrations into electricity more effectively, and could be used to power wireless sensors for monitoring the structural health of roads, bridges and tunnels.

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Detail from a hybrid three-dimensional heterostructure consisting of graphene, boron nitride and molybdenum disulphide in two dimensional layers.

Changing our material future, layer by layer

20 Dec 2012

Researchers are aiming to develop a new class of materials with remarkable properties using one atom-thick substances such as graphene and other two dimensional crystals in a new collaborative project.

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Drying Patterns of AKD on Glass

Caught on camera: engineering in action

15 Oct 2012

The winning entries of the 2012 Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering, sponsored by Carl Zeiss, provide a stunning visual insight into the ways in which engineering makes a vital contribution to our lives.

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Andy Leonard, Vice President BP Cambridge, with some of the first BP supported Cambridge-MIT exchange students at the launch of the extension of the programme to non-Engineers from Cambridge University.

Cambridge extends MIT exchange partnership

10 Oct 2012

An extension to the University of Cambridge’s exchange programme with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been announced, enabling more undergraduates to study at “both” Cambridges during their degree.

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