Kristen MacAskill at work in Christchurch, New Zealand

Where are they now?

13 Aug 2012

Last month graduates of Cambridge’s MPhil course in Engineering for Sustainable Development (ESD) came back to the Engineering Department from all over the world to celebrate the programme’s tenth anniversary and catch up on developments.

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Prize tomato

30 May 2012

A group of students on the University of Cambridge’s MPhil course in Engineering for Sustainable Development has devised a project that will help Mexico’s small producers of tomatoes by improving productivity and reducing wastage.

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Call of the wired

27 Apr 2012

For generations, we have dreamed of machines with artificial intelligence with which we can have real conversations but, despite amazing technological advances, such devices seem some way off. Now researchers at Cambridge are changing the picture, by remodelling the essence of spoken dialogue systems.

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Detail from NASA Blue Marble 2007 West

Building our capacity to endure

13 Apr 2012

In its inaugural list of the top 50 most influential people for sustainability in the UK, Building Design magazine has listed three Cambridge academics. The range of work they do gives us an overview of just how broad the meaning of sustainability is.

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Lego crane in the lab

Growing bones with Lego

27 Mar 2012

A video produced for Google Science Fair shows how researchers at Cambridge making synthetic bone have turned to legendary children’s toy Lego for a helping hand.

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Engineers as Superheroes

Who wants to be an engineer?

22 Mar 2012

Some of our most brilliant inventions came about by mistake. The Institute for Manufacturing opened its doors to children aged five upwards for the Cambridge Science Festival - and showed them just how exciting engineering can be.

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Infrastructure revolution

09 Feb 2012

Technology has advanced to the point where the condition of bridges, tunnels and buildings can be monitored in unprecedented detail. Now a new Centre at Cambridge has been formed to kick-start the smart infrastructure revolution.

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