After the flood: harnessing the power of mud

31 Jan 2013

On the 60th Anniversary of the ‘big flood’ that devastated the coastline of eastern England, new research shows that integrating ‘natural’ sea defences such as salt marshes with sea walls is a more sustainable and effective method of flood prevention.

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Detail from the cloud forest of Loma Alta in Ecuador, one of the conservation success stories highlighted in the book Wild Hope.

Spreading the good word from the wild

08 Aug 2012

A new book by a Cambridge professor offers an alternative to the narratives of nature’s annihilation, by shining a light on conservation success stories that otherwise get lost in the deluge of dire warnings.

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The crystal ball of conservation

15 Feb 2012

An innovative horizon-scanning exercise, which has just delivered its latest report, highlights emerging topics of relevance to the world’s natural environment and the diversity of its species.

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Mike Rands

Biodiversity conservation for life

01 Feb 2012

This month, the University of Cambridge will be profiling research that addresses biodiversity conservation. To begin, Dr Mike Rands, Executive Director of Cambridge Conservation Initiative, explains how a partnership of researchers, world-leading conservation practitioners and policy experts has a crucial role to play in this 21st-century challenge.

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Responsible farming

Nature’s value to business

12 Jul 2011

A programme convening business leaders and policy makers is helping to identify the value to business of nature – and the step changes needed to build food security – as its co-Directors explain.

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Pearl oyster with pearl

Mussel your way into new exhibition

13 Apr 2011

Some of planet Earth’s longest living inhabitants are the focus of a major new exhibition and website brought to life by Cambridge University’s Museum of Zoology.

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