Snip, snip, cure: correcting defects in the genetic blueprint

14 Jul 2017

Gene editing using ‘molecular scissors’ that snip out and replace faulty DNA could provide an almost unimaginable future for some patients: a complete cure. Cambridge researchers are working towards making the technology cheap and safe, as well as examining the ethical and legal issues surrounding one of the most exciting medical advances of recent times.

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DNA/protein function finder from the Wellcome Trust, Sanger Institute, emblebi and YourGenome

The Big Dating Game

09 Jun 2015

When is a rare disease not a rare disease? The answer: when big data gets involved. An ambitious new research project aims to show patients that they are not alone.

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Queen bee larvae

How large is the alphabet of DNA?

12 Dec 2013

New sequencing technology is transforming epigenetics research, and could greatly improve understanding of cancer, embryo formation, stem cells and brain function.

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Dr Frederick Sanger has died, age 95

20 Nov 2013

Dr Frederick Sanger, recognised by many as the “father of genomics”, died yesterday at the age of 95. The founding member of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, and the person after whom the Sanger Institute is named, he was known as an extremely modest and self-effacing man whose innumerable scientific contributions have had an extraordinary impact on molecular biology.

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