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The future of books

01 Jan 2010

The book publishing industry has gone through more change during the past few decades than in any comparable period in its 500-year history. Professor John Thompson examines this change and asks what impact it will have on the future of books.

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Model embryo making

Making visible embryos

04 Jan 2009

A new online exhibition explores the visual culture of embryology as part of a research initiative on the history of reproduction.

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Winsor and Newton catalogue with painted samples

Gems of colour: pigments of the ‘Colourmen’

08 Feb 2008

Dragon’s Blood, Purple of Cassius and Scarlet Lake – all pigments concocted by the 19th-century 'Colourmen' of Winsor & Newton artists’ suppliers. Now, a painstaking and methodical analysis of their hand-written recipe books has been developed into a searchable database.

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Defining words

01 Sep 2007

Two very different projects in the University have at their heart the ancient craft of lexicography: the art of compiling and editing dictionaries. But one project is reviving glossaries created over a thousand years ago and the other is creating a new lexicon of an ancient language.

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