The Sea-Pie and the sad sailor

16 Oct 2015

The idiosyncratic diaries of one man’s voyage from Liverpool to India, and the exquisite painted souvenirs he bought there, are among the treasures to be found in the archives at the Centre of South Asian Studies.

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Dear digital diary…

12 Aug 2013

A powerful life-logging tool which captures and stores memorable moments in people’s lives is being developed by two researchers who argue that it could improve public well-being.

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Michael Scott's week

A week in the life of...

01 Jun 2012

For the first in an occasional series documenting a week in the life of a member of the University community, Dr Michael Scott - Affiliated Lecturer in Classics and Research Associate at Darwin College - was shadowed by our photo-diarist Sir Cam, providing an insight into the diversity of academic life at Cambridge.

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Elephants crossing river

The Elephant Man

08 Nov 2010

The remarkable story of a daring World War II operation in which hundreds of people fleeing the Japanese advance through Burma were rescued by elephant is to be told in full for the first time.

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Feelings by phone

28 Sep 2010

A system which enables psychologists to track people's emotional behaviour through their mobile phones has been successfully road-tested by researchers.

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