Circular argument for a sustainable future

17 Sep 2013

A new online toolkit for manufacturers and retailers has been released to enable users to pinpoint areas in which their businesses could be made both more environmentally sustainable and profitable.

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The art of sitting comfortably

25 Oct 2012

One of the most influential designers of the 20th century, who turned furniture into works of art to support the human form, is being celebrated with a unique, free exhibition in Cambridge - opening today.

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Detail from 'How many millions are starving? Ten' by Vladimir Maiakovskii

A Soviet Design for Life

03 Jul 2012

A unique tour through the Soviet century – via one woman’s extraordinary collection of books, propaganda posters, ration coupons and even cigarette packets – is the focus of a new exhibition opening to the public on July 4.

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Detail from NASA Blue Marble 2007 West

Building our capacity to endure

13 Apr 2012

In its inaugural list of the top 50 most influential people for sustainability in the UK, Building Design magazine has listed three Cambridge academics. The range of work they do gives us an overview of just how broad the meaning of sustainability is.

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Close-up of the moss pots incorporated into a novel table developed at Cambridge University.

The hidden power of moss

22 Sep 2011

Scientists at Cambridge University are exhibiting a prototype table that demonstrates how biological fuel cells can harness energy from plants.

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A section of an Ashby chart

It’s a material world

15 Sep 2011

A spin-out from Cambridge's Engineering Department and a leading supplier of materials information technology software to industry, Granta Design has achieved an average growth of 30 per cent over the past ten years.

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