Anyone for digital democracy?

02 Mar 2015

Dr Finbarr Livesey – University lecturer and Deputy Director of the MPhil in Public Policy – submitted research to Parliament’s recent report on digital democracy. Here, he discusses the report’s implications for the democratic process in the UK.

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New Delhi from Jama Masjid's tower

India in the Global Age

10 Sep 2012

An India Cambridge 'summit' will take place on Monday 10 September at the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, to coincide with the Vice-Chancellor's visit to India.

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House of Parliament

Can democracy meet our 21st century challenges?

28 Jun 2012

Complacency among democratic countries who think they can just “muddle through” could make them unable to tackle long-term problems like climate change, a University of Cambridge academic told the Hay Festival earlier this month.

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Power to the people?

26 May 2010

Greece was the birthplace of democracy, but our own political system would be unrecognisable to voters in Ancient Athens. As Classicist Paul Cartledge explains, however, that doesn’t mean that our ancient forbears have left us with nothing to learn.

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