A step towards increasing crop productivity

09 Oct 2013

A breakthrough in understanding the evolutionary pathways along which some crops have become significantly more productive than others may help scientists boost yields of some staple foodstuffs.

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Time for plan bee

03 Oct 2013

Insect pollinators provide a service worth an estimated £430 million to food, farming and retail sectors in the UK. How can we protect them, and enhance the sustainability of the UK food production system?

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Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp, on the Kenya-Somalia border. The Horn of Africa frequently experiences severe drought and hundreds of thousands of people have trekked to Dadaab seeking food, water, shelter and safety.

Feeding seven billion

21 Nov 2012

With the world’s population already estimated to be over seven billion and rising fast, the challenge of how to produce enough food has never been more pressing. Three public debates will give people the chance to hear from and question politicians, researchers and journalists on the issues at stake.

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Crops Growing

Unlocking the agricultural economics of the 19th century

03 Oct 2012

The Corn Returns – market data from the 19th century and beyond – represent a valuable resource for economic historians looking at the emergence of modern agricultural markets. A project to make these records digitally available will help solve some of the big questions about the economics of the age.

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Prize tomato

30 May 2012

A group of students on the University of Cambridge’s MPhil course in Engineering for Sustainable Development has devised a project that will help Mexico’s small producers of tomatoes by improving productivity and reducing wastage.

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