Does Prison Work?

Security 'obsession' hampering prison debate

26 Oct 2011

Public and government obsession with security is hampering a rational, open debate about prison policy, the former governor of Brixton Prison told a debate at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas last week.

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Johann Koehler

Criminal rehabilitation: a spotlight on Europe

12 Sep 2011

With recent reports stating that almost three quarters of those charged with offences during the London riots had prior convictions, attention has turned to Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke’s description of Britain’s “broken penal system”. Johann Koehler, from the Institute of Criminology, discusses some of the latest projects to reduce reoffending, and how politicians may have to risk the ‘soft on crime’ label to move forward.

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Men display their scars after kidney removal

What price a human kidney?

14 May 2011

A public talk at Cambridge University on Saturday will draw attention to the growing illegal trade in human organs and invite discussion of the complex ethical issues involved.

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Descendant of the apple tree

Economic and Social Research Council

01 Jan 2009

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) supports research from across the social sciences, from sociology to anthropology, through to statistics, methods and computing.

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Justice is (NOT) blind

Diagnosing crime, dispensing justice

01 Sep 2007

Finding the best routes to predicting, preventing and atoning for crime is a thorny issue. Experimental criminologists such as Lawrence Sherman, recently appointed as the fourth Wolfson Professor at the University of Cambridge Institute of Criminology, see randomised field trials as the shortest path to discovering the answers.

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