'Vinter v UK - The Right to Hope and the Whole Life Tariff'

17 Jul 2013

The case of Vinter v UK was recently decided by the European Court of Human Rights, and has raised a good deal of controversy regarding the right of the United Kingdom to sentence a prisoner to a life sentence (the Whole Life Tariff) without the chance of review. 

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Jason Warr

Filmed behind bars

07 Jul 2012

For thousands of people in Britain, prison is a grim reality. For the rest of us, it holds a fascination that is all too often simply prurient. Jason Warr, a PhD student at Cambridge University who has served a custodial sentence himself, offers a critique of television documentaries filmed behind bars.

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Morality prevents crime

25 Jun 2012

A landmark study of criminal activity in teenagers indicates that some never see crime as a course of action while others are vulnerable to environmental inducements to crime. The study reveals factors that explains why some young people are ‘crime-prone’ and others ‘crime-averse’, and explains why crime hot spots occur.

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The new police knowledge

28 May 2012

Professor Lawrence Sherman will be talking about the latest research into predicting, preventing and detecting crime as part of the Cambridge series at this year's Hay Festival.

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