Crime and punishment: a 19th-century love affair

30 Apr 2013

The violence of everyday life in 19th-century Europe – including murder most foul, handsome bandits, wicked women and huge crowds at executions – is being revealed in all its bloody detail by Cambridge University Library.

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Professor John Spencer

Householders who use violence against burglars

30 Oct 2012

At the 2012 Conservative Party conference, new Justice Secretary Chris Grayling announced plans to amend the criminal law to ensure that even householders who react in a way that may seem disproportionate in the cold light of day will be protected from prosecution.

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Morality prevents crime

25 Jun 2012

A landmark study of criminal activity in teenagers indicates that some never see crime as a course of action while others are vulnerable to environmental inducements to crime. The study reveals factors that explains why some young people are ‘crime-prone’ and others ‘crime-averse’, and explains why crime hot spots occur.

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Best ever snapshot of Black Hole's jets

That's funny

02 Jun 2010

Paul Murdin from the Institute of Astronomy put a human face to the names behind some of the greatest discoveries to have taken place in our efforts to understand the mysteries of the cosmos.

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Book of Old Times

The uncensored Jane Austen

30 May 2010

The early works of Jane Austen may not be as well remembered as her six novels, but as Janet Todd explained, they reveal a sense of the absurd which helps us to understand both the young writer and the mind behind her best-known work.

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