Fighting board rubber-stamping

14 Jul 2015

Public companies should appoint a ‘Contrarian Director’ – inspired by the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ – to challenge board decisions and suggest alternatives, according to new Cambridge research.  

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Five reasons why… corporates get environmental CSR communications wrong

25 Apr 2014

Publicising environmental CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives can boost a company’s reputation, but get it wrong and the accusations of “greenwash” could stick. Cambridge Judge Business School delivers the five principles companies should apply to communications about environmental CSR to avoid accusations of greenwash.

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The intoxication of power

18 Sep 2013

Why are so many companies brought down by an excess of self-confidence, and rash decision-making by out-of-control egos at the top? A Cambridge conference aims to explain why power corrupts, and whether corporate leaders could learn a few lessons from the humble crow.

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Mike Marin.

The crisis of shareholder primacy

19 Mar 2012

If we want to prevent the next financial crisis, a new model of corporate governance is needed to replace shareholder primacy in financial institutions. Gates Scholar Mike Marin explains why.

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