From EDSAC to Raspberry Pi: 75 years of “computers that work”

24 Apr 2013

Cambridge’s Computer Lab marks its 75th anniversary this month, celebrating a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that has taken it from the age of vast mainframes to its modern day place at the heart of silicon fen. “Cambridge Computing: The first 75 years”, published to coincide with the anniversary, tells the story of this remarkable institution.

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urban gems

How to crowdsource your happy space

26 Sep 2012

A new online platform will harness crowdsourcing to identify the visual cues that lead people to perceive an urban space as happy, quiet or beautiful - focusing initially on London.

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Ernest Tubb Record Shop sign

Come here often?

04 Aug 2011

A new way of predicting which people may become friends on social networks - based on the type of places they visit - has been formulated by University of Cambridge researchers.

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