Acts of creativity, audiences and us

05 Mar 2013

A conference in Cambridge next month will explore the notion of performance as a dynamic means of looking at the complex interactions between works of art and audiences -  both real and imagined, past and present - in a digital age.

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Meet a flawed hero in Greek drama brought alive

15 Feb 2013

Many of us have seen blockbuster movies based on the stories told in Homer’s epic poems. Now there’s a rare chance to see an accessible dramatisation of part of the Iliad in the original Greek with English surtitles at St John’s College, Cambridge.

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Michael Scott's week

A week in the life of...

01 Jun 2012

For the first in an occasional series documenting a week in the life of a member of the University community, Dr Michael Scott - Affiliated Lecturer in Classics and Research Associate at Darwin College - was shadowed by our photo-diarist Sir Cam, providing an insight into the diversity of academic life at Cambridge.

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Hay gears up for Greek marathon

23 Apr 2012

Following a successful talk at Hay in 2010, Professor Paul Cartledge will be playing a major part in a series of 10 discussions on Ancient Greece at this year's festival, alongside Cambridge's own regular programme.

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Rome with Mary Beard

Meet The Romans with Mary Beard

13 Apr 2012

A three part series starting on BBC2 next Tuesday explores what life in Ancient Rome was really like for normal citizens living in the world’s first city of one million people.

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Ancient weight excavated from the east coast of Italy

Adventures of a palaeolinguist

20 Sep 2011

The curious bronze, knuckle-shaped object pictured is an ancient weight excavated from the east coast of Italy. The inscription scrawled along its side is written in the language of ancient people, known to the Romans as the Frentani.

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