Recent Mural painting at Samding Monastery, Tibet

When a woman becomes a religious dynasty

01 May 2008

A rare Tibetan manuscript - a treasure that had remained hidden for centuries - set in motion a journey by Hildegard Diemberger that was to bring alive the still-unfolding story of a 15th-century Tibetan princess.

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Wind turbines turn to bamboo

01 Sep 2007

Bamboo – one of China’s most precious commodities – is showing great promise as the material of choice for building wind turbines.

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Virtually family: an anthropological knowledge of the broadband internet

01 Oct 2006

The explosion of the broadband internet is allowing anthropologists to carry out research into virtual, as well as real communities. Xiaoxiao Yan, based in the Department of Social Anthropology at Cambridge, has a longstanding interest in the relationship between culture and technology and has been investigating the impact of broadband technology since 2002.

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