Too big to cry: when war ended, the damage began

07 Nov 2015

A collection of essays edited by Drs Trudi Tate and Kate Kennedy looks at the legacy of the First World War through the lens of the creative arts. As a specialist in the literature of conflict, Tate explores the ways in which writers expressed the impact of trauma on families – and child rearing in particular.

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Play’s the thing

04 Aug 2015

Children’s play is under threat from increased urbanisation, perceptions of risk and educational pressures. The first research centre of its kind aims to understand the role played by play in how a child develops.

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Weighing in for the Cambridge Baby Growth Study

How does your baby grow?

31 Oct 2011

A study of infant growth, tracking 2,400 babies from gestation to the age of two, has provided data of unique depth – and is already adding to our understanding of the development of life-threatening conditions, including obesity. The Cambridge University scientists who led the research now plan to follow the same children through another key phase of development - puberty.

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