Taking maths outside the classroom

31 Jan 2014

Teenage mathematicians and their teachers were welcomed into the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Mathematical Sciences for two workshops organised by the Millennium Maths Project’s Further Mathematics Support Programme.

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Can I afford University? Counting the cost with HE Partnership

29 Jul 2013

The benefits of higher education include better access to jobs, a rewarding social life, and the opportunity to live independently. But there’s no denying that the costs are also significant: university tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year quickly mount up. By running finance workshops in schools, the HE Partnership project aims to tackle the fear of debt which can be a barrier to staying on in education.

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"Studying isn't only about books and libraries"

03 Jul 2013

What is it like studying at university? How do students really spend their time? A team of eleven Y10 students from The Manor Community College in Cambridge took on the task of finding out with the Day in The Life challenge from the HE Partnership project.

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