Responsible farming

Nature’s value to business

12 Jul 2011

A programme convening business leaders and policy makers is helping to identify the value to business of nature – and the step changes needed to build food security – as its co-Directors explain.

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Marriage inventory, Württemberg, 1682

300 years of list-making

20 May 2011

Personal inventories spanning three centuries are helping researchers unlock the mysteries of how economies edge towards growth and prosperity.

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Ivory tower

Exploding the ivory tower myth

17 May 2011

Academia makes a considerable and valued contribution to society that goes far beyond commercialisation of applied research, as Professor Alan Hughes, co-author of the first in-depth study of all UK university–business interactions, explains.

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A screengrab of Barack Obama's typical Facebook fan from LikeAudience.

With friends like these…

22 Apr 2011

Cambridge researchers have created a website that combines the Facebook profiles of fans of companies and public figures with personality testing to create what they are describing as a “revolutionary” new marketing tool.

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Cambridge Ideas - The Perfect Crew?

11 Nov 2010

Striving for, and achieving, high performance in teams has become a major business imperative.

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Connecting science and policy

01 Nov 2010

Dr Chris Tyler, Executive Director of Cambridge’s Centre for Science and Policy, explains how and why the Centre is helping the best scientific thinking to inform public policy.

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