The Reformation is remembered

27 Oct 2017

The Reformation is famously traced to an event that took place in Germany 500 years ago and reverberated across Europe. An online exhibition paints a vivid portrait of a society undergoing profound change – and free events this weekend commemorate an episode of corpse burning in Cambridge.

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Robert Asher

Can a scientist be religious?

11 Mar 2012

The relationship between science and religion has had its rocky moments. But Dr Robert Asher, author of the newly published book 'Evolution and Belief: Confessions of a Religious Paleontologist', argues that the two sides can find common ground.

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Lois Lee

Europe’s forgotten “religion”

25 Aug 2011

Hundreds of millions of people in Europe alone are “non-religious”, but non-religion remains an understudied field. To mark the launch of a new journal on the subject, associate editor Lois Lee discusses its significance and its role in defining the identities of the “silent majority” in Europe.

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Debt: an enduring human passion

No such thing as a free lunch?

10 May 2011

The process of giving and receiving (and being in debt) is an inescapable part of human experience. From sub-prime lending and student loans to organ donations and gift-giving in ancient cultures, a conference at Cambridge this week will explore how debt is a central feature of the way in which societies think about and organise themselves.

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Empty swingset

A Class Apart

26 May 2010

Despite our best efforts, social mobility in the UK does not seem to be improving. Diane Reay, Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, will be speaking at Hay about the hereditary curse of the English education system and her developing vision for a “socially just” replacement.

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