Secret lives of the mannequin revealed at the Fitzwilliam Museum

14 Oct 2014

Life-size mannequins, dolls and over 180 remarkable artworks from collections across the world will be going on display in Cambridge today (14 October) , as the Fitzwilliam Museum opens its major 2014 exhibition Silent Partners: Artist and Mannequin from Function to Fetish.

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Detail from 'How many millions are starving? Ten' by Vladimir Maiakovskii

A Soviet Design for Life

03 Jul 2012

A unique tour through the Soviet century – via one woman’s extraordinary collection of books, propaganda posters, ration coupons and even cigarette packets – is the focus of a new exhibition opening to the public on July 4.

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Artwork by Nondumiso Hlwele

Activist art reflects fight for rights of African AIDS sufferers

22 Jun 2012

A new exhibition launching at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology explores the psychology and politics of living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa, where social stigmas meant that those suffering with the disease have had to campaign for work, education and life-prolonging drugs.

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Twelve Short Walks, 2005, George Shaw (detail)

Grey days in empty places

16 May 2012

A show at the Fitzwilliam Museum featuring the work of contemporary British artists Michael Landy and George Shaw explores the places in between town and country where nature takes a hold on no man's land and weeds find niches in the concrete.

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Detail from Westminster Retable

Dragonsblood: the alchemy of paint

01 Sep 2009

Through his exploration of the science of art, the recipes of medieval artists and the writings of alchemists, art conservation scientist Spike Bucklow sets out to disentangle the alchemy of medieval paint.

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Spike Bucklow

Organic chemist, puppet maker, art conservator...

01 Feb 2008

From organic chemist, through maker of rubber monsters, to conservator of fine art, Spike Bucklow describes his career path as "something of a drunkard's walk". But you could say that it has always been leading to the same end: the application of science for the benefit of art.

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