Neurons, in vitrio colour!

The man with the golden brain

13 Dec 2011

What’s the point of a brain? This fundamental question has led Professor Daniel Wolpert to some remarkable conclusions about how and why the brain controls and predicts movement. In a recent talk for TED, Wolpert explores the research that resulted in him receiving the Golden Brain Award.

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Living with the Inugguit

25 Nov 2011

A film documenting the disappearing oral traditions of the northernmost settled people on Earth offers a glimpse into how their way of life is threatened by climate change.

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Poet Clare Holtham and Uzbek chieftain in Afghanistan, early 1970s

For lust of knowing what should not be known

12 Nov 2011

Clare Holtham (1948-2010) had a huge enthusiasm for learning. After a troubled childhood, which led to a spell of homelessness, she became an intrepid traveller and independent-minded student at Newnham College, Cambridge. A book of Clare’s poems called The Road from Herat, launched today at Newnham, reflects a life lived to the full. It included working on the buses and a rapid marriage to an Uzbek chieftain.

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22 Oct 2011

On Monday 24 October five world-class Cambridge museums will open late and put on a one-night-only sensory display featuring live performances and sound installations alongside lighting effects, DJs and more as part of this year’s Festival of Ideas.

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Alexander Crummell 1866

The remarkable story of Alexander Crummell

20 Oct 2011

A talk at the University of Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas this evening will focus on the extraordinary life of Alexander Crummell – the son of a slave – who was one of the first black students to study at Cambridge.

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Thin film solar cell.

Microscopic marvels and grand designs

17 Oct 2011

The best of University of Cambridge engineering has gone on show in the Department of Engineering's annual Carl Zeiss photography and video competition.

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Children's finger fluting at Rouffignac

Prehistoric pre-school

30 Sep 2011

Archaeological research reveals that 13,000 years before CBeebies hunter-gatherer children as young as three were creating art in deep, dark caves alongside their parents.

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Still from Memories of old awake

Cambridge Ideas - Memories Of Old Awake

26 Sep 2011

Cambridge University academic, Dr Emily Lethbridge, is breathing new life and understanding into the centuries-old Sagas of Icelanders (Íslendingasögur) during a unique year-long research trip.

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