Second-hand smoke linked to cognitive impairment

12 Feb 2009

Exposure to second-hand smoke could increase the risk of developing dementia and other forms of cognitive impairment, according to research published by Dr David Llewellyn from the University of Cambridge and his collaborators.

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Human placental villi showing signs of oxidative stress

Great expectations in pregnancy research

01 Feb 2008

Most pregnancies develop normally but when complications arise they can have devastating effects. Two recent initiatives in Cambridge hope to deliver a new understanding of events during this critical period of human life.

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Cambridge experts unite to fight obesity

02 Mar 2007

<p> In an effort to accelerate the conversion of research findings into better treatments for obesity-related diseases, the MRC has announced the MRC Centre for Obesity and Related Metabolic Diseases (MRC-CORD) at the University of Cambridge. <p>

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