Little princess

Is there any such thing as the female brain?

22 Jun 2011

At Women's Word, a festival at Lucy Cavendish College this weekend, Professor Melissa Hines will explore the differences between male and female behaviour, and summarise recent research into prenatal and postnatal factors and the interaction between them.

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#twitterbrain network image

Neuro-tweets: #hashtagging the brain

06 May 2011

We like to think the human brain is special, something different from other brains and information processing systems, but a Cambridge professor set out to test that assumption – by conducting a live experiment using Twitter.

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Detail from the cover of the Oxford Handbook of Neuroethics

Smart thinking

07 Apr 2011

As audiences watch the movie "Limitless", in which an author uses a smart drug to boost his brain, a new book shines a spotlight on the ethical dilemmas which arise when developments in neuroscience are embraced by the non-medical world.

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Positron emission tomography

What do drugs do to the brain?

17 Mar 2011

Drug abuse is probably linked to an in-built tendency to act without thinking, as shown by studies of siblings of chronic stimulant users, a leading neuroscientist will claim this week.

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