Green energy from algae

25 Jun 2010

Visitors to this year's Royal Society Summer Exhibition will have a chance to discover how scientists from the University of Cambridge are studying ways to harness algae as a renewable energy source.

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Drax Power Station

Towards a smarter electricity future

01 Oct 2009

The Electricity Policy Research Group – a programme that spans the Faculty of Economics and Judge Business School – is providing world-class analysis to support an evolving electricity industry.

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Tile vaulting gives the house strength and thermal mass

Zero-carbon houses

01 Sep 2009

A consultancy project with grand designs is informing the structure of energy-efficient homes of the future.

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Material efficiency

01 Aug 2009

A consortium led by Dr Julian Allwood aims to drive a step-change in the manufacturing of steel and aluminium to meet 2050 carbon targets.

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