In 2014, an expert panel, commissioned by the General Board of the University of Cambridge, undertook a review of the governance and operation of the University’s facilities for animal research. The panel found no concerns about regulatory compliance, but made a series of recommendations principally intended to unify the operation and strengthen the strategic oversight of those facilities. The Board approved the panel’s recommendations in principle, and appointed an implementation group to take forward the recommendations, including proposing the necessary changes to Ordinances, in consultation with the Councils of the Schools of the Biological Sciences and Clinical Medicine.

The members of the expert panel were:

  • Dr Jon Richmond, Ex-Chief Inspector, Home Office
  • Dr David Anderson, Ex-Superintendent, Home Office
  • Mr Adrian Deeny, Establishment Licence Holder, University College London
  • Mr John Dalton, Independent Facilitator

Cambridge Governance Review 2014 (PDF)

Cambridge Governance Review 2017 (PDF)