Cambridge English

Testing the World’s English

15 November 2011

English language testing, and the research that underpins it, has been elevated to a new level by the increasing global dominance of English, now used...

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TUC Demonstration

The State of the Unions

11 November 2011

Don’t write off the unions yet – a new study reveals how trade unions are adapting to 21st century pressures in an effort to reclaim...

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War memorial on Hills Road, Cambridge

How will we remember them?

10 November 2011

As we approach Remembrance Day, a Cambridge University project that looks at the role of memorials in conflict-torn communities is drawing to a close. By...

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Sanskrit manuscript dating from 997 AD

Powerful words

09 November 2011

Ancient manuscripts that hold important clues to India’s intellectual and religious traditions will be the focus of a new study.

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Word beads

How languages are built

08 November 2011

A team of Cambridge linguists has embarked on an ambitious project to identify how the languages of the world are built – from Inuit Yupik...

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