Still from Memories of old awake

Cambridge Ideas - Memories Of Old Awake

26 September 2011

Cambridge University academic, Dr Emily Lethbridge, is breathing new life and understanding into the centuries-old Sagas of Icelanders (Íslendingasögur) during a unique year-long research trip....

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Smartphone art

25 September 2011

As mobile phone cameras improve, emerging forms of social media are basing themselves in ‘iPhoneography’. While social media is often held up as an example...

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Drug pushing in the New Europe

23 September 2011

A new study reveals how drug reimbursement policy in Poland is leaving gaping loopholes for pharmaceutical firms to exploit, raising questions about other, post-communist, EU...

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Close-up of the moss pots incorporated into a novel table developed at Cambridge University.

The hidden power of moss

22 September 2011

Scientists at Cambridge University are exhibiting a prototype table that demonstrates how biological fuel cells can harness energy from plants.

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