Impact is central to the mission of the University of Cambridge. Our world-leading research underpins a huge range of innovations which create prosperity, improve quality of life, protect the environment and enrich our culture. For over 800 years, we have contributed to society through education, learning and research at the highest levels of international excellence. 

Here we present a selection of case studies that show how Cambridge research has changed the world.

Bangla Stories

A new website is helping schoolchildren to understand the complex reasons why people move between countries, and inspiring them to look into their own families’ stories.

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Art looting in the Nazi era

Resolving claims for the return of artworks looted during the Nazi era, 1933-1945, is a complex task. A leading Cambridge historian has been helping to make the process easier.

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America, Empire of Liberty

An award-winning radio series on the history of America, by leading international historian David Reynolds, has made its mark as a masterpiece of broadcasting.

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The York Mystery Plays in performance

Medieval Mystery Plays are brought vividly to life for modern audiences through research that sheds light on how the plays were originally performed and makes the text accessible to all.

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Saving Herculaneum

The Cambridge-led Herculaneum Conservation Project is helping preserve this extraordinary Roman town for future generations and providing a model of best practice for archaeological sites throughout the world.

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Taking the Long View

By bringing together leading experts in law and energy policy in an innovative workshop at Cambridge, Simon Deakin and David Howarth have generated new insight and stimulated debate on one of the most significant PFI‐style deals in UK history.

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